The Next Financial Crisis

I viewed a recent panel discussion at the London School of Economics (“LSE”) on “The Next Financial Crisis” and found it not only very informative but also quite interesting.

The panel stated that it’s been five years since the last financial crisis, and while certain things have been done to strengthen the financial system, the measures that have been put in place will not be effective, and risks of another financial crisis still exist. They believe that it is a matter of time before the next financial crisis will occur, but predicting the exact timing is not possible. Nothing has been done to make the next financial crisis less likely to happen, and the next one may be worse that the last.

The panel includes professor Julia Black, Dr. Jon Danielsson, professor Charles Goodhart and is chaired by Dr. Malcom Knight. The video lasts about 1½ hours.

Julia Black is director of the LSE Law and Financial Project.  Jon Danielsson is co-director of the System Risk Center at LSE. Charles Goodhart is emeritus professor of banking and finance with the Financial Markets Group at LSE.

I highly recommend watching the video of this panel discussion.

Here is the link to this video:

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